Threshers 42 Oak Dropleaf (Small)””hreshers 42″ Oak Drop””reshers 4″

Threshers (SMALL) 42 Drop Leaf Table:..~ (1) CO-TA-L42D-CNT-TOP (TOP)..~ (1) CO-TA-L42D-CNT-BSE (BASE)””hreshers (SMALL) 42″ Drop Leaf Table:..~ (1) CO-TA-L42D-CNT-TOP (TOP)..~ (1) CO-TA””reshers (SMALL) 42″ Drop Leaf Table:..~ (1) CO-TA-L42D-CNT-TOP””eshers (SMALL) 42″ Drop Leaf Table:..~ (1) “”shers (SMALL) 42″ Drop Le””hers (SM”
Solid oak will last you for years, our laminate tops will keep your table looking like new. With the combination of the Solid Oak construction and our Oak Laminate Table Tops, you can have the look and durability of American Oak in your dining area for years to come, and you dont have to worry about scratches, watermarks, etc.. Our solid oak arrow back chairs are the prefect match

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